Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tourists for the Day - Submitted by Carrie

Many of the families and friends spent today touring the city of Vancouver and Whistler. It was nice to have an entire day to explore at our leisure.

Those who spent the day in Vancouver shopped, had lunch, and shopped some more. Those who visited Whistler took the long bus ride up the mountain and enjoyed great scenery. Whistler is quite expensive, so not as much shopping there as in the city!

At the end of the day, several members of our curling “family” ended up at the USA House which is a venue exclusively for Olympians past and present. Each Olympian is allowed 4 guest passes per day. Again, similar to the P & G house, the hospitality there was incredible with full bar and food service all day. Among the sponsors of the USA House are AT&T, Hilton, Coca Cola, Nike, and McDonalds. The entire team ended up meeting at the USA House after the busy day and were able to meet several Olympians.

Some members of the Curling Team were able to attend the USA vs. Switzerland hockey game. Very fun time! Other members chose to take in the curling tiebreaker game between Great Britain and Sweden in which Sweden defeated the defending World Champions to knock them out of the medal round.

Another busy day in Vancouver…just taking it all in!


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