Thursday, March 5, 2009

“So really, what’s next?” you ask.

What an incredible week this has been. I have been overwhelmed by e-mail, phone calls and the like! More good friends and supporters than I ever knew!

Along with all of that activity has been the beginnings of planning our next year, which looks to very busy indeed. Eventually, I’ll be moving this update to a blog which will chronicle our year. The blog will be available via our team website which is already under construction. But for now, I will give you a brief sketch of the next month or so:

March 13-15 – World Team Prep Camp – Green Bay, WI
March 25-29 – Bear Mountain Cash Spiel – Victoria, BC
April 1-13 – Ford Men’s World Curling Championships – Moncton, NB
April 18-19 – World Debrief and Analyze – Duluth, MN
May 2-3 – Olympic Orientation – Colorado Springs, CO???

After that the penciled in dates make it look like we’ll be busy at least two weekends per month right up to the Olympic Games themselves next February!

Family, friends and co-workers have already set plans in motion to come watch us in Vancouver. Tickets have not yet gone on sale, but all the information you need can be found at Looks like the best way to go will be to rent some housing either in Vancouver or Seattle.

You’ll probably get sick of hearing me thank you all but the response has been nothing short of incredible!

So Thank You again everyone!

More to come . . .

John Benton
Team USA

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