Saturday, January 10, 2009

Okay, here's the scoop....

The #1 teams from each pool play for the spot to Denver. The loser of that game will go to the Challenge round.

The #2 teams from each pool play for the remaining spot to the Challenge round. The loser of this game is out (*** see the note below)

So as you can see there is a tie in both pools for 1st and 2nd.

Pool A
Brown 4-1
Shuster 4-1

Pool B
Plys 4-1
Lilla 4-1

So tomorrow morning at 9:00 am we will play a tie-breaker game against Brown and Plys and Lilla will do the same.

The winners will be the #1 teams from their pool and the losers will be th #2 teams. So we need to win two games tomorrow to go to Denver. If we go 1 and 1 we go to the Challenge round and 0-2 and we're out....kinda'.

*** Note: So you rember how all year I was saying that eventhough we didn't win a spiel that we earned important WCT points? Here's where they come in. Only 8 teams from the 4 sites qualify by win loss record for the Challenge round. So there are two additional spots available to the top two WCT points teams that have not already advanced to Denver. I know it's a bit complicated but suffice to say that we have a good chance of making it to the Challenge Round if things went horribly bad tomorrow (which it won't).

So for now we're resting at the room and will get some food.

Thanks to everyone for checking in! We really appreciate it. We'll go out and win both of those games tomorrow!

Have a good night and set your alarms for 9:00 AM!!!!

Hope this makes sense!

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